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Better in the coming days

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Festival-goers venturing to Pinkpop or Graspop (just across the Belgian border) this weekend should bring rain boots. In both areas, you don’t have to search long until you come across a mud puddle.

A Pinkpop spokesperson said they would try to fix the worst mud spots the following night. The organization will try to make the site more accessible using road boards, straw and wood chips, among other things.

“The big advantage is that there is a lot of asphalt and fortunately people don’t feel inconvenienced in those parts,” the spokesman says.

However, this shouldn’t spoil the fun for many festival-goers:

Festival visitors make the most of it.© National Ports Agency
Festival visitors make the most of it.

Festival visitors had to brave the rain several times today. Most of the rain fell during the Acda and De Munnik range. There were a few sunshine and raining at that time.

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It is also a wet issue in Belgium. At the Grasspop metal festival in Dessel, about 30 kilometers southwest of Eindhoven, campsites were partially evacuated due to heavy rain. The municipality and the festival organization will jointly arrange emergency accommodation for affected camp visitors.

And the terrain itself isn’t so dry anymore:

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Festival-goers coming to Graspop in the coming days cannot sleep at the campsite. They are asked to return home after the festival or arrange another place to stay the night.

The festival itself will continue as usual. The weather forecast for the next two days is better.

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