September 20, 2021

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Philips comes with another lamp brand in addition to Hue and WiZ: Philips Smart LED

Philips comes with another lamp brand in addition to Hue and WiZ: Philips Smart LED

The number of Philips Lighting brand names is now somewhat confusing. The former subsidiary of Philips has been independent since 2016, and is now called Signify. Signify’s biggest brand is Philips HueKnown as smart bulbs. But the company also sells a somewhat cheaper line of smart lighting than Brand WiZ. Now a third brand has been added: Philips Smart LED.

A popular name for fans

With this new branding, Signify also wants to get the smart lighting fans on board. Earlier this year there was such 1.4 million households with smart lightingSo there is still a huge market.

That is why the popular brand name of Philips is chosen, and lamps are sold through hardware stores and supermarkets, among other things: places where people traditionally bought light bulbs.


Philips Smart LED lights work with the WiZ platform, not the Hue system. Where Hue uses the Zigbee wireless standard, the new Philips Smart LED lights work over WiFi. The WiZ platform has its own app, works with Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts and can be controlled remotely.

Smart LED bulbs are about the same price as WiZ bulbs. An ordinary dimmable lamp with an E27 mount, warm white light and a light output equal to a 60-watt incandescent lamp costs €9.99. The cost of the smaller candle version with E14 installed is €10.99.

New lamps in the WiZ line

There are also color versions in the new Philips Smart LED line, available at €17.99. So-called filament lamps, with the appearance of a lamp with filaments, are available from € 14.99. The new line has clear, matte and pear versions in different sizes for all popular formulas: E27, E14 and GU10 spot.

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Signify is also expanding its WiZ line, with its own ceiling and table lamps as well as light bulbs. There is the WiZ Hero Table Lamp for €49.99, the Squire Portable Table Lamp for €54.99 and the SuperSlim Rotating Ceiling Light for €26.99.

Moreover, WiZ comes with its own smart plug with power meter. This plug costs €19.99 and is available from 1 October.

The new WiZ lights will be available from September 1, and Philips Smart LED lights will also be available in stores from this month.