Philips Ambilight TVs will not have Ambilight + Hue functionality – PC – News

TP Vision discontinues Hue integration with Philips Ambilight TVs. This made it possible to give Hue bulbs the same functionality as the Ambilight LED strips behind televisions. It is not known why the function is not integrated into new Philips TVs.

Blogger Philips Toengel came this week with the news and a spokesperson for the Philips TV division He confirmed this to the Hue blog. In fact, the Ambilight-equipped 77OLED808 / 12 does not have Hue integration, or at least it does Not mentioned on the product page. This remains the case with any other Ambilight model So is it.

Toengel does not give a reason for the change, he wonders aloud why Philips did it and condemns the move. Hue Blog receives confirmation, but no further explanation. This site sees as a potential driver that the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box could sell more as a result. The same effect is achieved with this €250 device. On Samsung TVs it is also possible by applying 130 euros.

The Hue blog also sees the fact that Hue lights and Philips TVs are made by different companies as a potential stumbling block, although it hasn’t been so until now. Dutch company TP Vision manufactures Philips TVs under license, and Dutch company Signify has a license to market Philips Hue products.

In this video, floor lamps and ceiling lights work with the TV.

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