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At Bunq Online Bank, almost all employees can view customers’ banking details easily. This has led to abuse According to research conducted by the Norwegian Refugee Council: Employees can take an unobstructed peek into the accounts of friends, acquaintances and colleagues, for example.

“Account peeping,” where a bank employee looks into a bank account without good reason, is a violation of the banker’s oath. Anyone caught doing so can be dismissed by the employer and brought before the Banking Disciplinary Committee. In most cases, the employee then receives a professional ban, as well as a fine.

Displaying accounts in secret also goes against Bonk’s code of conduct. This requires employees to “handle personal information with the utmost care and in accordance with privacy laws.”

It seems that history is already in a relationship

However, the NRC tracked down four (former) employees of Bonk who had peeked into other people’s bank accounts without consequences. For example, a former employee looked at the bank account history. The bank details showed that this person was already in a relationship and living together.

Another Bunq employee admitted to the NRC that he looked into his colleagues’ accounts to check how much they earned. “It was very tempting,” she told the newspaper.

“If that is true, it means they have seriously violated their promises and responsibilities,” Bong said in response. The bank asked the Norwegian Refugee Council to reveal the identities of the four (former) employees. The newspaper will not respond to this request for reasons related to protecting the source.

According to various employees, because bank accounts can be viewed without consequences, a culture of fear has emerged in the workplace. For example, employees also fear that managers will be able to use bank details to check if someone is actually sick.

For this reason, many employees do not want to open an account with Bunq. They’re not appreciated for it: The bank considers it a bad sign for its employees to put their money elsewhere.

Who has access?

According to the Dutch Banking Association (NVB), most employees at traditional banks do not have access to customer data at all. “Anyone with this feature can only see data that is necessary for their job within the bank,” says a bank spokesperson. Bunq is not a member of the NVB.

“At Bunq we put our users first,” the bank said in response to the NRC. “That’s why we want (almost) all employees from the CEO to the company’s lawyers to be able to help our users answer their questions. This requires access to user data.”

According to the bank, employees follow privacy and security training so that they can handle data safely. “Any violations may be reported to team leadervia Whistleblower Procedure Or the Close to the company.

There are no additional checks

In 2021, the bank offered different levels of access, according to the NRC. As a result, for example, the Legal department can still see a lot of banking data, but other departments no longer can. But this system was scaled down again in the same year, because bank employees complained that they no longer had access to all the data.

Bank management is said to have discussed the risks of employees browsing the accounts of their acquaintances in 2022. Despite this, no additional checks were carried out.

Bong has never prosecuted any employee before the Disciplinary Committee for so-called account misappropriation. This is in contrast to traditional banks, which have sent a suspended employee to the committee 43 times in the past five years.

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