Patrick Kikken: Gilles Belin returns to NPO Radio 2 and other transfer news

Patrick Keiken: Top 40 returns at 538 on Friday for Quinn and Sander

[BLOG] As expected here in a column by Murad who had to leave a while ago: BNNVARA wants a better daytime broadcast on NPO Radio 2 instead of the 8-10pm penalty area in the evening where the agent can be heard. So broadcaster Arjan Penders invites both Rob Stenders and Giel Beelen to finally get the 2-4pm slot. The latter is a bit easier to get than Rob, who clearly wants to secure his old age with a competitive salary that Mediahuis can afford and the non-profit organization cannot. But there is more going on at NPO Radio 2, according to the passages. Would you like to dive into this refreshing holiday column?

The story goes that the head of NPO 2 radio, Peter de Vries, is no longer happy, especially with the disc jockeys. How could it be otherwise, the head of audio at NPO, Yuri Bosman, will let him do the dirty work and will not be ashamed in the end to throw him under the bus as the “reason” for the big exodus at the channel (five big names remain) and the big loss of market share, at 10+ and 20-49 in one year. While Bosman pulls the strings, he stays completely clean and de Vries is blamed, in short: a media manager and a clever politician. There are actually two sharks swimming around the position of NPO channel manager Peter: one is Florent Luyckx, who was channel manager at 3FM, 538, and Veronica, now at POWN, but Jurre doesn’t like him very much. Better cards: one is Niels Hoogland (the card with the cover), known from FunX and now Blend. The latter would also explain why he didn’t eventually return to 538 to make the station a success again with his old friend Dave. He chose the safer waters of the NPO rather than the turbulent waves of Radio Talpa.

Well, what should I write about Gilles here: It’s a good thing he can do his trick again, he has to wake up early anyway because of his young offspring. Hopefully he will reinvent himself again and let the live bands ruin things at 538 on Friday afternoon. It’s smart to have the winner of De Slimste Mens (Roelof de Vries) by his side, so that it remains a quality program. It will again seem that Beelen has a much better fit with the non-profit audience than with the commercial Veronica listener. It’s great that he makes the news on the day that Wipneus & Pim starts in the afternoon on the old Channel 10, today it’s mainly about Gilles.

Speaking of Veronica, I hear that Gerard Ekdom is bringing with him a composer from Radio 10, Hugo Hoffmann. He’s a bit of an Ekdom worm because he also went with him from NPO Radio 2 to Radio 10 at the time. We hope he keeps Gerard in check a bit, because in his last week our star disc jockey played a thirty-year-old club classic “Hold That Sucker” by OT Quartet 7:30 am on Radio 10. And proud to have it on Instagram! If this is a harbinger of what we will soon hear on Veronica in the morning (all B-sides) then I am holding my breath. I understand that from September they will put everything in red and launch a huge marketing campaign for Gerard. It is ridiculous that his show does not run until 10 am but only until 9 am in the early morning, which is really stupid and completely outdated. Anyway, you can keep a little something. Hopefully they will be able to run the oldest radio brand in the Netherlands and run it with a very meager space. He will soon be able to receive Belen all over the Netherlands again instead of just using a walkie-talkie, which will also be useful for him! Still nice, some listeners.

Patrick Kikin

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