Paradox closes studio behind canceled The Sims competitor Life By You – Games – News

The right to exist is not the problem; This type of life simulation game could certainly use competition and there is a demand for more games in this area.

The problem appears to be the quality of the game and/or the way the quality was tested internally. The developer delayed the start of the Early Access period several times because the game was not good enough according to internal standards and metrics. These might have been internal testers, for example, who might not have been satisfied after playing around.

It seems that some features and details were developed for a long time, resulting in an almost perfect game, but at the same time there were doubts about whether the game as a whole was able to compete with the competition. The developers were told for a long time that the game would be released if they continued to improve the quality. But a few days/weeks before the scheduled time, management decided that the project was not what it needed to be to become popular. And that there was a blind focus on the smaller details while the bigger picture wasn’t good enough.

Maybe it was the artistic quality or something, but personally I think the satisfaction factor wasn’t enough; Making the game really fun is very difficult and can’t always be thought out in advance. After that, everything in the game may technically work fine, but it doesn’t make much difference.

Whether the quality is really that bad, or whether the management is too strict, is still a guess at the moment. But the decision was to avoid further costs and pull the plug.

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