Live: The Special Assembly Commission turns off the microphone for Lorena Pena

The pen was threatened by the head of the “Contempt” Commission, a former legislator who criticized the current government for passing laws without further discussion. Lorena Pena, a former deputy head of FMLN, was repeatedly interrupted while speaking at a special commission of the legislature investigating state funding provided to voluntary charities. Alexia Rivas, head […]

Greenland suspends oil search

The Greenland government has decided to suspend all oil exploration on the world’s largest island, saying it is a “natural move” as Arctic officials “take the climate crisis seriously”. No oil has yet been discovered in Greenland, but officials saw the opportunity to find vast reserves as a way to help Greenlanders fulfill their dream […]

The Commissioner talks about the benefits available to Puerto Rico in federal budget programs

Republican Commissioner Jennifer Gonzalez Golan announced that the Appropriations Committee of the Federal House of Representatives has approved budget plans for agencies related to agriculture, interior and environment. “I am pleased that the committee has included our language in the budget program for the report on the collapse of the Arecibo Laboratory Radio Telescope, a […]

Peru Elections Live: Latest News Today July 15, 2021 | JNE Results Declaration | Keiko Fujimori | Point Pedro Castillo | Celebrity Force | Second round | ஒன்பே | JEE | lbposting | Politics

Ministry of Health launches preliminary inquiry into violence perpetrated by supporters of Fursa celebrity against Minister of Health and Minister of Housing, Construction and Health: Cercado de Lima’s fifth corporate criminal prosecutor yesterday launched an initial investigation into the violence. There are trials for crimes against the body, life and health; And against patriarchy and […]

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