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The open source game engine is getting support for the Wayland render server. The first experimental feature is in beta. This is still a test that the game makers have been working on for more than two years.

The developers behind Godot Support description In the Beta 1 release notes for Godot 4.3. It will receive official support for Wayland, the display server implemented by more and more Linux distributions. The developers behind Godot write that users have been asking for support since 2014, but it has only now been possible to put it into the game engine. According to the makers, this work took two years. Godot has been working on support since 2020, but at that time the architecture was not ready for it according to the development.

Wayland support comes with OpenGL ES driver support for desktop computers. Right now, this only works with Linux machines, and not yet on Windows.

Godot developers warning That another Wayland Work in progress He is. Manufacturers eventually want Wayland to have the same status as current X11 support, but the latter will remain the standard for now. Developers can enable Wayland through command --display-driver wayland to use.

The Godot 4.3 beta also includes an optional Direct 3D 12 backend for Windows users, for users who want an alternative to APIs like Vulkan or OpenGL.

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