OnePlus launches OnePlus Pad Pro: “The most powerful Android tablet ever”

OnePlus lanceert OnePlus Pad Pro:

OnePlus has announced the OnePlus Pad Pro in China. According to the company, it is the most powerful Android tablet ever due mainly to the processor.

The new Pad Pro is intended for the Chinese market only, but it is possible that the tablet will be released in Europe later with a different name: OnePlus iPad 2. Given the announcement for the Chinese market, we already know that the OnePlus Pad 2 is likely the first tablet with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip on board.

We can also exit from Image posted by OnePlus Note that both the pen and keyboard case come out of the device. Furthermore, the tablet will likely look very similar to the original OnePlus Pad and still use an LCD display. This is cheaper than OLED, but much less beautiful.

OnePlus is also working on a new smartwatch. We previously wrote about an updated version of the Watch 2 with 4G support and it looks like OnePlus will actually launch it in China. The chance of the new version of Watch 2 arriving in the Netherlands also seems slim. OnePlus Watch 2 appeared with us only recently.

We will not know the exact details about the watch and the tablet until June 27, when OnePlus will hold a conference to announce the new products.

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