One dead and 200 injured in protests in Kenya

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One person was killed and at least 200 people were injured during demonstrations in Kenya against proposed tax increases. This was announced by the independent organization IPOA, which monitors the police.

The protests, mainly led by youth, have been taking place since Tuesday in the capital, Nairobi, but also elsewhere in the country such as Mombasa and Kisumu.

The police intervene heavily in the protests and use water cannons and tear gas. Hundreds of people were arrested. A 29-year-old man was shot in the leg by police bullets and later died from his wounds.

The reason for the protests is the bill passed by Parliament. In addition, the tax on various everyday products will increase significantly. President Ruto hopes this will lead to debt relief. Kenya’s national debt is about $80 billion.

VAT on bread

Critics worry that Livelihood crisis The country will get worse. They made explainer videos about the proposal on TikTok, which were distributed en masse.

The protests are somewhat successful. The government has withdrawn some controversial increases in recent days, including a 16 percent value-added tax on bread and a 2.5 percent annual tax on vehicles.

Previous protests

Around this time last year, there were also protests in Kenya, for the same reason. Also after that, the Ruto government introduced a new law that would increase taxes.

The demonstrations were then led by opposition leader Odinga. At least six people were killed and dozens injured.

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