Nvidia SFF-Ready label should make it clear which GPUs are suitable for small cases – Computer – News

Nvidia launches SFF-Ready program for embedded cases and video cards. This makes it easier for users to see if certain GPUs fit into mini-ITX housings. According to the GPU maker, there are already several cases and video cards that get the sticker.

In practice, Nvidia’s software mainly includes guidelines regarding the maximum size of video cards, which Small form factorThe components must be uniform. GPUs that wish to receive the SFF-Ready label must have a maximum length of 304mm, a height of 151mm, and a thickness of 2.5 slots. The built-in SFF shells, in turn, should provide a minimum of space for the video card. This concerns a length of 312 mm, a height of 154.5 mm and a thickness of 2.5 slots.

Nvidia says several manufacturers are participating in this initiative. This includes ASUS, Cooler Master, Fractal, Gigabyte, MSI, NZXY, Phanteks, Thermaltake, and Zotac. Several video cards have already been approved for the program. According to the GPU manufacturer, this extends to some GeForce RTX 4080 Super models. There are also many compact packages that receive the label. According to Nvidia, every GPU mentioned should fit into every cabinet mentioned.

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