Northern neighbors are once again launching balloons filled with waste

Northern neighbors are once again launching balloons filled with waste
A balloon filled with feces and garbage from North Korea landed in the southern city of Incheon earlier this month

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North Korea once again launched balloons containing waste toward South Korea, the South Korean military said. It is not known how many there are this time and whether they have arrived in South Korea.

In the past two weeks, North Korea sent hundreds of balloons across the border at the same time twice, carrying bags of garbage and feces. It landed on the ground in South Korea without causing any injuries. They did so out of anger over a similar campaign from South Korea, in which balloons containing US money, pop music and leaflets were launched across the border against North Korea.


North Korea said it would stop using balloons if South Korea did the same. But last Thursday, ten balloons were launched again from a South Korean border town towards the northern neighbors. This campaign is the work of activist Park Sang-hak, who once fled North Korea and has since been trying to destabilize the North Korean regime. The dictatorial regime there is keen to keep all foreign influences away from its citizens.

Some South Koreans say such actions should be discouraged because they create unnecessary tensions with the neighboring country. However, the Constitutional Court ruled last year that Sang Hak’s actions should be considered freedom of expression. So it was not stopped by the government.


Meanwhile, balloon campaigns are raising tensions between the two countries. After the first series of fecal balloons at the end of May, South Korea’s National Security Council proposed suspending the military treaty. For example, military exercises could then be held near the demilitarized zone between the two countries. North Korea recently tested eighteen missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads, and used threatening language.

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