Nico Dijkshoorn on Matthias van Nieuwkerk: ‘So tragic’

Nico Dijkshoorn on Matthias van Nieuwkerk: 'So tragic'

For years, resident writer and poet Nico Dijkshoorn has sat at Matthias van Nieuwkerk’s table. The world goes onThe two never spoke to each other again, Dickshorn said last night. Today inside Orange“I was shocked by what he confessed.”

For years, Nico Dickshoorn has written poems at the end of the broadcast. The world goes onHe’s been there for eleven years, he said last night. Today inside Orange“I have never seen anyone have so much fun at a table under the lights. And I think he did it very well, too.

I was shocked by the revelation.

still Discoveries about the culture of fear one inside The world goes on He ruled and left his mark on Dixhorn. “At the same time, I was a little shocked by what he admitted, that he shouted. If you start shouting at me so loudly backstage, I’ll put on my jacket and leave.

According to Dijkshoorn, it’s not that the two have lost contact. “Mathias and I never had contact.”

“Matis van Nieuwkirk’s passion is enormous.”

However, Dijkshoorn also continues to see the other side of the coin of Matis van Nieuwkerk and The world goes on“I know how much passion he put into creating this show, and I think it was exceptional. I felt that with him as a silly pleasure during that broadcast. But the fact that the memory now is that this man was screaming, I find that very tragic and very sad.”

Watch Nico Dickshoorn’s piece on Matthias van Nieuwkerk here:

Life is about the program.

According to Dijkshoorn, Matthijs van Nieuwkerk’s entire life was built around the show. “He went to bed early, he was up to the task of this broadcast, he was well prepared and spoke to the audience about the guests half an hour before his scheduled time,” says Dijkshoorn.

“I was only there on Wednesday, but he did it every day, with everyone. And if you did that, and it was obviously taken out of your hands, I think it’s obviously his fault… I think that’s very sad for everyone, no matter what happened. It’s like saying to me, ‘You can never write again.’”

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