New riots at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 by “science propagandist” Israel

New riots at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 by "science propagandist" Israel

In addition to the recent debacle surrounding Jost Klein, another controversy has arisen over the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Various delegations have reportedly filed a complaint with the event organization about the provocative behavior of the Israeli delegation. Sources reported this to the streaming platform The complaint focuses on Eden Golan, the Israeli participant, and her band who posed for a photo with other performers in which the Israeli flag was prominently displayed. This action led to tensions among other participants, as artists from different countries felt as if they were being asked whether they should take sides in the Middle East conflict.

The use of national symbols such as flags is common during the Eurovision Song Contest, an event centered around national pride and cultural exchange. But in this case, the presence of the Israeli flag in an image featuring several artists from other countries caused an uproar. Several delegations feared that this image could be interpreted as a political statement, making the artists feel uncomfortable.

Various delegations will attend European Broadcasting Union They have filed a complaint in this regard, although this has not yet been confirmed. has asked AVROTROS for a response. However, they have not responded yet. Once that is the case, this article will be updated.

Last week, Afrotros said in an official statement that it believes a broader, in-depth and truly independent investigation is needed to address the structural problems. “Not only the working methods of the organization in Malmö and the EBU, but also the independent role and mandate of the Reference Group (Committee of Participating Participating Countries), the rules/procedures and options for appeal in the event of complaints and increased pressure information regarding artists and delegations in the period leading up to and during the Song Contest must be European Union is the subject of investigation by a recognized and independent research agency.’, The announcer said.

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