Netflix has now already started canceling the cheaper subscription

Netflix schaft Basic-abonnement in eerste landen helemaal af

Netflix wants users to pay more for the service, which is why the cheapest subscription is now being removed in some countries. If you want to keep watching, you’ll have to get a more expensive subscription.

Netflix was once a sympathetic and, above all, affordable competitor to the established order of cinemas, video stores and television. Netflix is ​​now indispensable and therefore the price can go up. What are we going to do, cancel? Obviously we have a lot to offer Netflix, like getting our own account because we are locked out of someone else’s. The campaign against account sharing has led to many new Netflix subscribers.

Now the next phase of the plan begins: the cheapest subscription will also be cancelled. This will happen first in Canada and the UK, where Netflix is ​​often the first to test subscription changes. diverse Users On Reddit I say indeed notice They receive a notification that their basic subscription is ending. They are then given a choice: upgrade to a more expensive subscription, or stop watching.

Netflix wants to show commercials

Netflix wants to make more money per viewer, and it can do this in two ways. Either users take a more expensive subscription, or they switch to an ad-supported subscription. Netflix makes a lot of money from those ads. The more countries Netflix becomes big in the advertising market, the more dominant it becomes and the more it charges for its ads. Recently, there have been rumors about a completely free Netflix subscription with ads, and that’s how much money they make.

While Canada and the UK are now the first to follow, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before the basic subscription disappears altogether, at least in the West. They have more than enough to spend, and Netflix has clearly realized that we’re willing to pay more for the service. However, the terms seem to be that you have to have an ad-supported version of Netflix first, and we don’t have that here yet. I’ve also seen this move coming in other countries: new subscribers there haven’t been able to opt into the basic subscription for some time.

As a reminder: The basic subscription costs €8.99 per month here in the Netherlands and offers 720p quality on one screen at a time. With the standard subscription, you can watch 1080p on two screens at once for €13.99 per month, and for 4K and four screens at once, you pay €18.99 per month for Netflix Premium.

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