Much worse again since the main lines agreement PVV, VVD, BBB and NSC

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The HagueThe main agreement between PVV, VVD, BBB and NSC has so far had serious consequences for the weather. The weather agency MeteoScience came to this conclusion after research.

Two weeks ago, negotiators from the four coalition parties reached a preliminary agreement to form a new government. At the time, the agreement seemed positive in many areas, but measurements show that rain has fallen significantly since the agreement.

“Since the UNFCCC entered into force, the amount of rain in our country has increased significantly. After the announcement of the mainline agreement, rain fell at twice the normal rate. We have not seen this for a long time,” says meteorologist Pascal Sintges.

The amount of rain in May. The red line indicates the date of conclusion of the main lines agreement (May 15). It can be seen that rainfall fell significantly more after the framework agreement than before.

People on social media are asking whether the agreement between PVV, VVD, BBB and NSC is wise regarding the weather. “Especially with the summer holidays coming up, it would be good for the coalition parties to take a critical look at it again,” says political analyst Fons Knellen. “Many voters are tired of the politics of the Rutte government, but of course all this rain is no fun either.”

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