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MSI has announced new AI+ models of its Prestige, Summit, Stealth and Creator laptops. The first two series are equipped with Intel’s new Lunar Lake processors, while the Stealth and Creator models get an AMD Ryzen AI 300 CPU.

The Prestige AI+ business laptops are available in 13-, 14- and 16-inch sizes, while the Summit with foldable display is only available in 13-inch. Both have a Lunar Lake processor with an integrated NPU, which Intel introduced on Tuesday during the Computex show in Taiwan, though MSI did not reveal exactly what type of SoC is being used. According to the manufacturer, this processor is more energy efficient than the Meteor Lake SoC in previous models, making it possible to make the laptops lighter and thinner than their predecessors.

The 13-inch version of the Prestige weighs 990 grams according to MSI and is equipped with a 75 Wh battery. According to the manufacturer, the laptop should be able to be used for a full day on a single charge. The Prestige and Summit laptops were not mentioned, and all new laptops in this series have a higher-resolution 5-megapixel webcam, according to MSI.

The Stealth and Creator-AI+ gaming laptops will feature the AMD Ryzen AI 300 processor that was announced on Monday. It is also equipped with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 GPU and an 82 Wh battery. These laptops are available in 16-inch size only. MSI doesn’t mention pricing or exact release dates for the new laptops, but says they will be available sometime in 2024.

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