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Motorola launches its first tracking device, Moto Tag. This will support Google’s Find My Device network. The tracker also has a wide range chip for more accurate location identification with supported smartphones. The device will be launched next month.

Motorola Moto brandthe Moto brand from Motorola It gets a circular design with a button in the middle. The device can be connected to Google’s updated Find My Device network, allowing the tracker to relay its location when it’s near an Android device. The tracker can also be used to track the user’s smartphone. This is done via the button on the Moto tag. When pressed, the phone makes a sound.

The tag operates via Bluetooth as standard, but also supports ultra-wideband. In combination with an Android device equipped with a uwb chip, this function can be used to locate the tracker with higher accuracy. Google’s Pixel 6 Pro, 7 Pro, and 8 Pro, the Samsung Galaxy S Plus and Ultra from 2021, and the Motorola Edge 50 Ultra, among others, support uwb.

The Moto Tag also gets IP67 certification for dust and water resistance and runs on a CR2032 battery. According to the manufacturer, the tracker can be used for a year before needing to replace the battery. The tracker does not have a built-in hole for hanging on a key ring. According to Motorola, the tag is “specifically designed” to work with existing third-party cases. According to The Verge This relates to Apple AirTag cases.

The Moto Brand will be released in “select” European countries in mid-July The company confirms in a press release. According to the manufacturer, the recommended retail price of the device is 50 euros. The set of four trackers should be available for 140 euros. In the US, the tracker will be available in August for $30, which equates to $33.88 including VAT. The Moto branding will be available in Navy Blue and Green colours.

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