Mother Kiss Mumma, known through documentaries about autism, has died

Mama bag with his parents

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Henriette Muma died at the end of last month at the age of 90. She has been known through several documentaries that show how her son Kes Mumma tries to live an independent life despite his autism.

Documentary filmmaker Monique Nolte confirms Mother Mama’s death for the announcement. He added: “She did everything she could to give Kiss a beautiful and best life possible, and the question now is how he will manage without her.”

In 1998, Momma Bag grew out of Nolte the train To become one of the most famous Dutch people with autism. In the documentary, she recorded how the elderly couple tried to ensure a good future for their son.

Symbiotic bond

There was a symbiotic bond, especially between mother and son: the documentary showed how, on the one hand, the mother wanted more independence for Keyes, but she also wanted to protect her highly sensitive son from the overwhelming experiences of the outside world.

Documentaries later followed Best for Keyes And Bag flies out, as calculating parental years has become increasingly essential. Father Willem Muma is now 94 years old.

New documentaries

Nolte believes the family has done a lot to make autism a topic of discussion in the Netherlands. Henriette Muma had a clear mission, says Nolte in AD. “At a time when we knew so little about autism, I was able to help Kees develop by focusing on his talents, such as drawing, painting and writing. This allowed Kees to develop in a special way.”

So the impact of the death is significant, she continues in the newspaper. “The family situation is now changing radically and Kees has to find a way to deal with it.” However, according to her, the 59-year-old mother is doing well, considering the circumstances.

Nolte is working on two new films that follow this process. The first should be released next year, the second a year later. The films focus on Kees’ recent move from his parents’ home and the effect it has on the family.

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