More Palestinians say they were tied to military jeep: ‘I thought I was dying’

Excerpt from surveillance camera recordings

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At least two other injured Palestinians are said to have been strapped to the hoods of Israeli army vehicles and driven across the occupied West Bank. BBC I spoke to two victims who say this happened to them in the Jenin area.

The two men’s statements come days after a video emerged showing an injured man tied to the hood of a military jeep.

Samir Dabaia, 25, told the BBC he was shot in the back during a military operation in Jabriya. He is said to have been lying face down, bleeding, for hours before soldiers came to examine him.

I thought I was going to die.

Samir Dhabaya

When they turned him around and saw he was still alive, he was allegedly beaten with a firearm and then lifted and thrown into a jeep. “They took my pants off,” he says. Dabaya said: “I wanted to hold on to the car, but a soldier hit me in the face and told me not to do that.” “Then they started driving. I thought I was going to die.”

The BBC said the victim watched a security camera video showing him lying half-naked in a jeep being taken away at high speed. According to the broadcaster, the location in the video matches the location of the military operation, but the date in the video is unclear.

Another victim, Hisham Eslet, told the BBC he was shot twice and placed on the hood of the same Jeep. He said the car felt hot. “It was like fire.” He says he was not wearing any clothes or shoes.

“I tried to put my hand on the hood, but it was too hot.” ​​He had to lie down on the hood, though. He says he would be killed if he didn’t.

Israel says it is investigating the matter.

The BBC says it has referred these allegations to the Israeli army, which says it is investigating the matter. In response to the video that appeared last week, the Israeli army told the channel that the restraint of Mujahid Ebadi Blass was a “violation of orders and procedures” and that the matter was under investigation.

Mujahid Ebadi Blas is in the hospital

A written response to the BBC said: “The behavior of the soldiers in the video does not reflect the values ​​of the army.” Earlier, the United Nations Rapporteur on the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Francesca Albanese, said that Israeli soldiers used the wounded man as a human shield. This is what Israel constantly accuses Hamas of in its war on Gaza. The army did not say anything about this matter to the BBC.

The broadcaster spoke with the victim in the hospital. He also says he doesn’t think he will survive. He allegedly showed a video showing him being thrown against the car from a different angle.

“The moment they realized I was unarmed, they hit me on my face, head and wounds. The soldiers lifted me by my ankles and wrists and threw me on the ground,” he said. He was then thrown into a jeep and taken to a nearby house.

One of the eyewitnesses photographed the passing jeep in which Mujahid Ebadi Blas was sitting:

A wounded Palestinian man was carried on the hood of a car.

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