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As an ultrabook user, I think 45-75W is a good choice for a desktop.

Because it’s a desktop computer… The 7745HX is not a mobile CPU, it’s the same microchip design as the 7000 series desktops. What you want to reduce idle power usage is a 7000H, 7000HS, or 7000U.

The ones with an X at the end are actually the desktop versions, which are optimized for lower power consumption (aka different firmware settings). You can achieve a similar result simply by underclocking/reducing the TDP on a 7000 desktop and combining that with a chipset-less motherboard.

What you really want for a nice machine that runs cool at idle is just existing laptop CPUs implanted on a mini PC’s motherboard. Example:


You can also buy them cheaper directly through Evertec… The drawback is, there is no PCIE slot, but with 6 NVMe slots, is there someone who can install a PCIe adapter on one of those slots for an external PCIe slot ;)

Note: The AD650i operates at 7 watts when idle


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