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Microsoft increasingly wants to turn Windows 11 into a cloud service. An internal presentation from last year shows that the company is working on running its entire operating system in the cloud, as opposed to Windows 365. It is not known what the concrete plans are.

Microsoft says in an internal presentation that it sees this as a long-term opportunity for the operating system. The offer came during the US Federal Trade Commission’s lawsuit with Microsoft regarding the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. According to The Verge Microsoft’s strategy around gaming and cloud computing emerged. Microsoft calls this strategy Modern Life. It shows the company’s vision of how it wants to develop Windows 11 and how it wants to market services like Xbox’s Game Pass and Bing.

In this presentation, Microsoft specifically mentions Windows 11 as a cloud service. This is the long term The needle movesAn opportunity,” the company said. Microsoft wants to move Windows 11 “incrementally toward the cloud.” It will build on existing Windows 365, a bundle in which Windows 10 is streamed from the cloud to PCs. Microsoft wants to “use the power of the cloud and the client to enable AI and roaming services the complete digital experience of people.

The presentation only describes an opportunity, not a concrete plan. In fiscal 2022, Microsoft remains focused on the growth of Windows 11 PCs and systems in order to “promote the Windows developer platform with new operating system innovations.” The company also wants to grow services like 365, Xbox Game Pass, Edge, and Bing by integrating them more deeply into the operating system. In recent years, Microsoft has come under increasing criticism for forcing certain programs such as the browser on users. Microsoft describes the strategy as successful if “developers choose our software store as the best place to reach customers” and if there are multiple apps with more than 100 million daily active users.

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Microsoft has also included in its long-term strategy that it wants to create its own chips that should give Windows an edge over the competition. The company did not give specific details about it, but earlier this year there were already rumors that Microsoft is working on its own Arm Silicon chips intended for a future version of Windows. The document also states that Microsoft wants to grow inorganically through collaborations or acquisitions — which is what the lawsuit with the FTC is ultimately about.

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