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So I recently got a Game Pass subscription and it works instantly on both pc and xbox. Look, of course it’s not all games, but there are so many of them that you don’t know what to play anymore. I was really a Steam buyer but ever since I got my gamepass I always pop in there when I’m bored and try things out. I’ve played a few fun games that I wouldn’t have looked at otherwise.

I don’t really believe in the whole cloud gaming thing, the server and your home are a long way from working properly at all, I guess, but games as a service like Gamepass is really the future. In fact, the game cloud streaming here is very good because you can quickly experience the game and if you like it you can download it and play well. Cloud gaming is perfect as an add-on to experience everything quickly. And download as soon as you find something that catches your eye. It really is an excellent service, and I hope this model only grows.

But in fact, the need to download games illegally seems to be getting less and less these days. Nowadays, there is plenty and something fun for every budget. Of course there will always be a few who insist on playing this new €70 title while they don’t have the money. But I think the number of people who are doing it hasn’t really been as great as it used to be. The range and many of the services are so good that nowadays you don’t have to go through all that trouble to find torrents, not to mention all the mess of viruses etc that often comes with it. No, I’d rather pay a few euros and enjoy as I should. And yes, I often let those €70 toys pass me by these days. Those games with huge budgets are often not really fun games anymore nowadays.

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