“Microsoft considers sale of UK cloud gaming rights to Activision deal” – Gaming – News

I think you don’t understand me. Instead of selling the rights to one party, the UK would be better off making Microsoft a kind of network manager for cloud games, where multiple parties can provide streaming services, and so multiple parties can also offer CoD, for example. This way you don’t create a new “monopoly” that owns all the rights to Microsoft games. If Microsoft sells the rights to one party, you still only have one party offering Cloud Gaming from Microsoft titles, and that would only be someone else instead of Microsoft. This is not cool.

If the UK stipulates that someone who buys the rights from Microsoft must also allow other players to submit CoD, for example, then of course you won’t have that problem. Microsoft does not have to manage the rights, as long as they are also available to other players. Because otherwise there is no point in doing it.

Wouldn’t it also be strange for Microsoft to create a company in which it owns 49%, and sell the rights to it. Then they do not have a majority, but they are major shareholders and they have the floor in principle.

However, it would be strange for Sony to keep its games nice and exclusive to PlayStation Plus.

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