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I think it’s not just about retrieving your activity if you forget something (the reason now mentioned in marketing), but also building habit data for future AI assistants.

After all, an AI assistant can only be really good if it knows everything about you. What are your habits, who do you talk to and how do you interact with each person individually, what sites do you visit, how do you organize your day and so on. We all hated Cortana because it was of little use. AI that you know well (this data) and that is not well written (LLM language model) can be more useful. So when you’re talking to a friend to agree that the AI ​​can say: “Ah, you usually always watch F1 on a Sunday, and it’s also at that time of that week.” Things like that can only be known by an assistant who knows you well.

No doubt Recall will create valuable databases for this purpose as well. Yes, these are my guesses, but given the great interest MS pays to AI, I can only imagine that this goal lies behind it as well. I think that’s why it’s on by default. Because “recover what you did 3 weeks ago” by itself isn’t really an interesting use case for most people.

I also see something in this smart AI assistant. The only problem is: do you trust Microsoft with this? not me. They have lost trust in me by constantly ignoring my wishes (I don’t want an MS account but it is forced on me, Edge is reset again and again during updates, ads are placed, etc.). Even if they now say it’s only stored locally, I wonder. This data will not go to the cloud as is, no, but if the extracts or derived data are later processed in LLM, etc., they will suddenly not be used for advertising or market research purposes. Moreover, MS has a habit of changing its conditions suddenly.

So no, I won’t use it. If such an assistant came here, it would be something open source and I could manage it entirely myself, independently of Microsoft.

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