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Meghan Trainor, 30, has been training her son to use the toilet in a very special way. On her podcast “Armchair Expert,” the singer revealed that she pooped next to her son to teach him how to do it himself. And guess what? She has even more special toilet habits with her husband.

“When we were potty training my son, I would poop with him.”

On the Dax Shepard podcast, Megan doesn’t mince her words. “I hope the internet doesn’t attack me, but when we were potty training my son, I would poop with him.” According to Megan, it worked perfectly. “Then he would sit on his little potty and I would sit next to him. I would sit there and smell my poop and we would say to each other, ‘We did it!’”

Megan seems to be a bit self-conscious about her toilet habits. Her brother previously revealed in an interview that she and her husband do a big thing together. “They do a poo together. Then she poops and then Daryl comes over to keep her company.” The two seem to enjoy it so much that they now have two toilets next to each other.

According to Megan, this also comes in handy when they’re up at night because of their kids. “We have young kids, so that means we’re up every hour. And this guy pees like a girl, really. So sometimes I’ve had to push him out of the toilet because I had to pee myself. Now I’ve solved that problem so we can both pee at the same time.”

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