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This is very nice. If you do the same thing (in a spiral) with a rectangle, it becomes (almost) a bit boring to read, but that’s beside the point.

I understand what you mean, of course. We are used to “reading objects” (books, posters, flyers, etc.) being rectangular. So many of the things we use are, logically, also designed for this purpose. And indeed. If you have plain text, a rectangle is more practical than a circle.

In practical terms, the watch is not a “reading device.” It’s a watch. You can, of course, read your messages, etc. However, you won’t read several paragraphs of text on the watch. It’s “possible,” but in reality no one does it. (I’m sure there is some idiot who reads “The Lord of the Rings” on his watch, but that’s the exception. ;) )
For a push message with content from WhatsApp, a round clock is also perfectly fine (I know this from experience).

I have an Apple Watch myself, and when I look at the handful of dials I can choose from (there are basically a bunch of different variations of the same thing), I’d say at least 70% of them are “round” dials. Some of them still put some information in the corners (after all, you have that information, so you should use it), but in many cases that information might also be on the inside. (It varies by watch face.) The watch face I personally use now is square, but that’s mainly because I think it’s the least bad option. (I’m not a huge fan of Apple’s choices. It’s purely personal…)

Finally, you can adapt your interface to the look of your screen.
Exactly what I actually wrote: “It’s a matter of smart planning.”

Note: My next watch will probably be the Garmin Venu 3. It can do basically the same thing (it can also call Siri, display messages, stream music, and has a ton of sensors, only there’s a 10-day battery life in Smartwatch mode instead of 2 days (when it was new, and now after a 3-year run (about 20 hours), but that’s beside the point. ;).

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