Logitech launches Zone 300 headphones at a price of 79 euros – Image and Sound – News

I have experience with both, and currently have an 11 year old Logitech G35 7.1 on my head.

Logitech also has its issues, the Logitech G35/G930 headphones worked great with the old Logitech Gaming Software, but after version 8.40 they shut down the EQ preamp worldwide due to European regulations.

This has some drawbacks, and thus may also be a negative for all headphones released after that:
– Surround The worst is that the sound is flat
– Deformity
– Less loud
– Deeper and tighter bass sound.

The problem, however, is that you’re stuck with the software to get better sound, and that’s the case with both, but Razer didn’t, like Logitech, disable their old headsets in this way, and Screaming Bee Voice Morphing has been removed from the new software due to licensing nonsense. If you want to use the old software, you will have problems if you want to use newer Logitech products that do not work through the old software.

Regarding Logitech mice, I used to be a fan, but things have gone downhill since the G502 series, and the G502 and G Pro haven’t even lasted a couple of years without a torn braided cable, torn feet and very thin feet where the glue itself comes off on a regular cloth mouse pad, or the G502 rubber, which It wears out very quickly where the thumb rests. Or the shaky scroll wheel where both mice sometimes scroll forward when you scroll backward. Unfortunately, this is no longer the time of the old MX518.

I’ve now switched to “Logitech clones” called the Razer Viper Mini and the Razer Basilisk V3, and after a few years they are in good condition with almost no visible wear except for the plastic coating (even the rubber is still almost intact!). Sure, Razer has had clunky mice, but I can say from personal experience that these mice work well.

I’ve never used the Logitech G-Hub software, I can’t judge it, but a lot of people seem to complain about it Compared to the older Logitech Gaming software, the Razer Synapse V3 software may not be perfect either, but at least it’s not that annoying and has a low resource footprint I am very critical of programs that work poorly.

Of course, a dedicated headset and microphone are often better, if that microphone also has noise cancellation, but that’s about the headphones as a set, and sometimes it’s easier to have a two-in-1, and a separate microphone is less portable than a headset. Wireless head.

Razer’s sound quality is actually higher than the G35, and the 50mm drivers certainly play a role compared to the G35’s 40mm drivers. While the G35’s headphones have long been praised, they are unfortunately sensitive to the plastic spacers on the earcups, which are glued Mine is on a tear but still intact. The build quality of the new Razer is sturdier, whereas people drop the G35 and it breaks instantly.

I might think that the G35’s Dolby Surround sounds a little tighter when it comes to surround sound and in the high notes, the Razer’s sounds more spacious, but in combination with the deeper bass, the overall picture gives a much deeper impression.

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