Live: War Ukraine | The US expelled two Russian ambassadors in retaliation

Live: War Ukraine |  The US expelled two Russian ambassadors in retaliation

EU foreign ministers will meet in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv on Monday. With this innovation they want to show that Ukraine can continue to trust the EU. “Together we show that we fully support Ukraine,” says Minister Hanke on Bruins Slot X (formerly Twitter).

Also joining us is Ukrainian Minister Dmytro Koleba. According to the Bruins slot, they are discussing ‘how we can further increase the pressure on Russia and all the ways we can continue to support Ukraine.’

Koleba sees the ‘historic’ fact that foreign ministers accepted his invitation as ‘a message in itself’. He says this is another step towards Ukraine’s accession to the European Union.

Not among them is Hungary, which has long rubbed shoulders with Russia. Others will ‘brainstorm’ about the war and continued European support, says EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell. They are also considering the Ukrainian peace plan and preparing a new ‘peace summit’.

The extraordinary visit by the ministers follows a weekend of bad news for the Kiev government. The US Congress has yet to approve additional financial aid to Ukraine. In Ukraine’s neighbor Slovakia, a hitherto staunch ally, the opposition has won an election where military aid to the country has been announced.

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