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Lieke van Lexmond over haar afwezigheid: 'Niet bepaald een vrijwillige keuze'

It’s been quite quiet around Lieke van Lexmond (42) recently. In an interview with Linda. Holiday Book ‘Likee explains why.

“The media hype over Moonsisters with my sister Jetteke contributed to me not wanting for anything anymore.”

According to her, the fact that we heard little or nothing from Leakey for a while “was not a completely voluntary choice.” The broadcaster and her sister announced three years ago that their company Moonsisters would be collaborating with Rituals. This led to a storm of negative backlash towards the cosmetics brand, because Lieke and Jetteke had previously been publicly critical of the Netherlands’ vaccination policy. “The media hype around Moonsisters that I had with my sister Jetteke contributed to the fact that I no longer wanted for anything.”

As a result, the investigations he conducted revealed Value checking service The gems that Lieke and Jetteke sold in their online store were actually made of completely different materials, including simple glass. “Yes, it was about two hundred stones, a by-product, that we paid for in full. In fact, it was purchased from a famous wholesaler.” The sisters said they “deceived themselves.” “Jet and I were of course extremely shocked and immediately refunded the money to all the victims with a kind email.”

But it didn’t stop there. Indeed, the broadcaster was cancelled. “Yes, it’s gotten really intense. We didn’t expect it to last so long and be so bad.” In addition, a “scathing column” by Angela de Jong was published in which RTL advised to fire Lieke. A knife in her back, according to Leckey. “It left me devastated. I worked at the channel with a lot of loyalty and created beautiful programs with a lot of nice people.”

The fact that there were colleagues who “joined the abolition” exacerbated the situation. “I thought that was very strange. I would never throw anyone into the fire like that. Fortunately, there are also a number of people from the media who are still in my life and have proven to be true friends.”

The broadcaster overcame the matter thanks to the help of her husband, Bass. “Thank God, I have a wonderful home base. A place dominated by love, where each other’s personalities and opinions are cared for.” For example, her husband gave her “oxygen under her wings” and through him she was able to “put her head on someone’s shoulder for the first time.” “It gave me a lot of peace, and also allowed me to experience my own growth.”

You can read the entire interview with Lieke in it Linda. Holiday book Which will be in stores starting Wednesday, June 12.

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