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KNRM’s Volvo has received the first in a series of new license plates

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RDW has started a new series of passenger car license plates: three letters, two numbers and one letter. The first license plate to contain this character set, GBB-01-B, was issued this afternoon.

The new series is the eleventh national set of letters and numbers for passenger cars. The first was issued in 1951 and consists of two letters and four numbers. ND-00-01 is the first license plate according to the national system. Before that there was a provincial system where each province had its own speech.

Prohibited combinations

The first series of license plates for passenger cars lasted for sixteen years. Much longer than the previous cycle that began in August 2019. This combination of numbers and letters, consisting of one letter, three numbers and then two letters, only lasted for five years. This is partly because not all letters and combinations are allowed. The new series of license plates is expected to last about eight years.

Since the fourth series of license plates for passenger cars, vowels are no longer used. The letters C and Q are also not allowed because they look too much like 0 (zero). Furthermore, letter combinations that form a known abbreviation or resemble a word, such as GVD, KVT, PSV, and BBB, are also prohibited.

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