Kyle Larson’s win in Vegas is a “huge asset” for Hendrick’s teammate in need

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Kyle Larson winning the first race of the round of qualifying to punch his ticket to the round of 4 in Phoenix is ​​certainly a big plus for him and the No. 5 team. After all, they can focus more on getting the championship rather than worrying about making the cut in the next two races. However, Larsson’s win isn’t just a big boost for him.

According to former driver and current analyst Jeff Burton, Larson winning in Vegas and securing his spot in the Round of 4 represents a huge advantage for him and his team as well as his fellow qualifier, William Byron, and Hendrick Motorsports in general.

Burton also pointed out the downside that Larson gets an advantage with his convenient location heading into Homestead and Martinsville.

Jeff Burton claims a Kyle Larson win could benefit William Byron

Speaking about Larson’s win and his current situation, Burton claimed that ““Big advantage” He also described how this would help William Byron as well. “…It also allows Hendrick Motorsports to focus on the No. 24 car and help them do what they need to do over the next two weeks to get them into the championship,” He said.

“So I think it’s a huge advantage for Hendrick Motorsports not only for the No. 5 car but for the No. 24 car.”

But the analyst also claimed that Larson will go into the next two races with the intention of winning considering how important it is although the focus will now be on winning the championship, something Larson himself described after his win.

“We would like to go out there and win stages and win the race again. That is our plan again for next weekend. He said of Homestead, while claiming of Martinsville, “We won there earlier this year but obviously I know the track is tough for me but we would like to go there and have a good run.”

Now, Larson’s win in Vegas, with the focus on Phoenix but also his desire to win and perform well in the next two races could leave him and his team in an unfamiliar place which Jeff Burton also pointed out.

Kyle Larson and his team could be in a tough spot despite their Final Four ticket

The only negative for Kyle Larson and the No. 5 team’s current situation, according to Jeff Burton, is that they may have to change their process now. “If you listen to Cliff and Kyle, they talk about changing their process and they have a weekly process that they believe in. Burton said.

“They stick with it no matter the situation, so does that change? That’s a great question. Do you do anything different because it’s Phoenix?”

The driver-turned-analyst claimed he’s not sure if the team would do something like this, but he knows the company certainly does. Burton added that Hendrick Motorsports now has ““an enormous amount of time” To put them on the No. 5 team for Phoenix, they will”far out” On everything technology to get the best car possible.

However, Burton claimed that the main advantage Larsson has now is that there is no extra pressure to win in the next two weeks.

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