Kate uses this clever trick so she can walk in high heels all day long

Kate uses this clever trick so she can walk in high heels all day long

From princess dress to Power suit: Kate Everything rocks. However, what is always visible under her clothes is a pair of high-heeled shoes. It’s quite impressive, considering that the Princess of Wales often has to travel a great distance to achieve this. How do you maintain that? She has a clever trick for that!

Flat shoes are rare

Of course, the Princess of Wales has made one royal visit after another, and you can pretty much count on that number of times she’s worn flats. And we think Kate can handle anything, except walking for hours in high heels? Princesses aren’t made of stone either!

And it turns out we were right. because Micah MayerThe US royal etiquette expert discovered that Kate uses a simple trick to stay comfortable in heels all day long. According to Mayer, the princess is a big fan of two products that make her comfortable to wear High heels Improves.

Shaking hands, smiling sweetly and waving: Kate does it all – in high heels! | Image: NL Image

Anti-slip socks

To prevent her feet from slipping out of her heels, they were used no Middleton is reportedly wearing non-slip pantyhose. These socks have gel straps on the bottom, ensuring that their feet are more stable and slide less back and forth in high heel shoes. Because imagine if Kate lost a pump during her royal walk down the red carpet…


In addition to these straps, Kate also uses leather insoles that prevent her soles from hurting her feet. The insoles are a type of footbed and ensure that no Middleton can walk around in her stilettos for hours without making a face we’re not used to from her. Smart, Kate!

Source: Things for Women, Insider | Image: NL Image

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