Kaj Gurgel’s dream comes true: “I’m really looking forward to it” | RTL Street

Droom Kaj Gorgels komt uit: 'Heb er heel veel zin in'

It’s a project he’ll start with his brother. “I have a good plan with my brother. We’re going to buy a cottage on the Spanish mainland and we’re going to completely renovate it. It’s really a dream for us.” Preparations have already begun. His brother, who is good at drawing, draws everything on paper.

Kaj is also busy: “I’m not busy with anything else. Yesterday I was arranging everything with my brother. We’ll plan the first trip on Monday. Then we’ll contact the estate agents and then we’ll go to the mainland.” Every three days they will visit a new area of ​​Spain “to visit all the houses” there. “I’m really looking forward to it.”

For those who seem to enjoy following the whole process, there is good news. Kaj will be recording the whole thing. “I am going to turn it into a series. So I am going to capture it from start to finish for TikTok and Instagram. I am just going to show people how to buy a house in Spain and what it is like.” The presenter also reveals the places he will visit in Spain looking for a home. “We are all going to plan trips to Andalusia, Murcia, Alicante and Malaga now and then we will find a house. I am really looking forward to it. I am very excited about it.”

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