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In a new episode of Travel Picture Perfect, the candidates were let loose in Old Phuket Town. For a new task, they are each assigned a model to take a “fine art photo” with. Kaj Gorgels (33) takes the task seriously and wants to submerge his model in a layer of water. It turns out that the water is not very suitable for taking pictures.

“Bits of fabric are floating through this bath.”

Candidates can choose the color of Thai fabric that will be central to the photo shoot. A model is associated with each color. Kaj chose green fabric and model Dara was included. The first meeting between the two does not go smoothly. Dara wasn’t excited when she found out who took the photo, much to the amusement of the other participants. “She wasn’t happy about it, but she had to deal with it,” Kaag concluded.

The goal of the mission is to take a photo that would be appropriate for a Thai art gallery. The fabric should be clearly visible in the photo and flapping. “Take advantage of wind, water or movement” is the mission of broadcaster Teagle. One of the judges, William Rutten, gives the nominees a number of tips for taking a good artistic photo. The photographer explains that communication with the model is important to the task. Models realize that they may be asked if they would like to pose nude, so that the material looks better. According to William, candidates should definitely consider this option.

Kaag decided to first photograph Dara indoors in a bikini, with the fabric wrapped around her. This doesn’t produce the desired result, so he asks his model if she would mind doing a nude shoot. The fabric then serves as a substitute for a bikini. Dara agrees, but Kaj is also dissatisfied with these results. He decides to move somewhere else.

“Now, we’re really going to make fine art,” Kaag says excitedly. He saw a pool of water at the entrance to the pool and wanted his model to lie in it. On an aesthetic level, this would produce a beautiful image, Kaag believes. Then his model intervenes. I told Kaj that it’s where guests wash their feet before entering the pool. “Is this really so?” Kaj realizes after a few seconds that Dara is right and bursts out laughing. “There are pieces of fabric floating in this bathroom, and I ask that girl if she wants to lie in this bathroom,” he laughs. “This is really terrible.” So his plan can be thrown in the trash.

In the end, Kaj took the photo on the beach. The jury was not particularly enthusiastic about the final result: it received 6 points. However, Kaj is the winner of the week, because a 9 for the first task gives him the highest average among all the candidates, which is 7.5.

Sophie Bouquet has to leave the program. Partly because she failed the first task, she had the lowest weekly average.

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