Kaitlin Clark: As WNBA upgrades foul on Fever Star to blatant foul, Indiana GM calls on league to clean up ‘targeting procedures’

Kaitlin Clark: As WNBA upgrades foul on Fever Star to blatant foul, Indiana GM calls on league to clean up 'targeting procedures'

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Kaitlyn Clark was on the end of a foul by Chindy Carter, which was later upgraded by the WNBA to the Level 1 slugger.


Chicago Sky goalie Chennedy Carter was at the center of a social media firestorm over her off-the-ball foul Caitlin Clark In the third quarter of the game against the Indiana Fever on Saturday.

a lot Critics argue It appears that Carter went out of her way to throw her hip and shoulder ClarkWho turned his back and fell to the ground after the mistake.

A day later, the NBA upgraded the foul against Carter to flagrant foul 1, which the league defines as “unnecessary and/or excessive contact made by a player against an opponent.”

Clark’s Fever went on to defeat the Sky 71-70 in a tough game.

Afterward, Carter refused to respond to the error, telling reporters: “I’m not answering any questions about Kaitlyn Clark.”

Fever General Manager Lin Dunn posted on

“It has to stop! The league needs to ‘clean up’ the crap! This is not this league!! Dan continued on X.”

CNN has contacted the WNBA for comment.

For her part, Clarke said of the error in her post-match media conference: “It is what it is. I feel like I’ve gotten to the point where she accepts it and doesn’t retaliate. Just let them hit you, be who you are, don’t let it get into your head and you know it’s coming.

“I think at this point I know I’m going to make some big hits in the game and that’s about it. I try not to let it bother me and stay in the game and stay on top of what’s important because usually the second person gets caught if I retaliate.

Brian Spurlock/Sportswire Icon/AP

Clark hits the ground after Carter fouls the ball off the Fever keeper.

“So I’m just trying to stay in the game and focus on my team and focus on what’s important.”

However, fever coach Christy Sides later She took to social media To demand that the WNBA take action on the “unacceptable” situation.

The league also announced Sunday that Carter’s teammate Angel Reyes, who was seen clapping and hugging Carter after the foul, was fined $1,000 by the WNBA for refusing to make herself available to the media after the game.

The Sky organization was also fined $5,000 for failing to ensure all players complied with the league’s media policies.

“Physical play, intensity and competitive spirit are the hallmarks of Chicago Sky basketball. Chindi was caught in the heat of the moment trying to win the game,” Sky coach Teresa Witherspoon said in a statement released Monday.

“She and I discussed what happened and that it was not appropriate, nor is it what we do or who we are. Chindi realizes that there are better ways to handle situations on the field, and she will learn from this, as we all will.

“As one team, we will grow together and continue to work hard to demonstrate strong leadership and set a positive example for our competitors, fans and partners.”

fever They fall to 2-9 on the season after a 104-68 loss to the New York Liberty on Sunday. Clark, who was 1-for-10 shooting, finished with three points.

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