Johan Dirksen: “You also have very normal gays who don’t flirt with that.”

Johan Dirksen: “You also have very normal gays who don't flirt with that.”

Johan Dirksen is no longer a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest at all. Perhaps the most surprising thing about this statement is the word “more,” which indicates that he once loved this event. However, Johan learned a few things from the song festival and one thing he didn’t like at all: high gay content.

This is what De Senor says. Information newspaper During the Today Inside episode on Monday, May 13. Swiss artist Nemo, among others, is beaten. Nemo wins Eurovision 2024 and says he is non-binary. During the final he wore a skirt, but the singer did not impress Derksen. In fact, he looks like a “crazy person,” says Johan. “He doesn’t know if he’s a man or a woman.”

“normal gay”

English and Spanish works are also under heavy fire. Artist Olly Alexander had a performance in which a number of men in boxing gear made suggestive movements. The Spaniards, in turn, hoisted two men wearing thongs to the stage.

Johan: “Most countries are crazy and they’re always gay. You can say what you want about it, but I think it’s a gay show and it’s starting to bother me. You also have very straight gays who don’t flirt with that.”

Reporter Aran Bade, who is in the studio and described by Johan as a “regular gay,” is asked what he thinks about it all. According to Badi, “some of the movements” were not necessary in the “family show.”


Meanwhile, the storm surrounding Jost Klein and the incident that occurred after the semi-final has not yet subsided. There are many stories about the events, without anyone knowing exactly what happened. Jost reportedly threatened, allegedly broke a camera, and allegedly approached an employee with his fist raised.

However, Swedish media reported that the police investigation had been completed, but the results may not be delivered to prosecutors until early June. The justice system must then determine whether the Dutch citizen will be tried or not.

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