Jeremy Clarkson (64) has been voted the UK’s sexiest man for the second time in a row

Timmermans bezorgd over kabinet-Wilders: 'Met dit PVV-kabinet komt de verdeeldheid aan de macht'

If you ask the average Dutchman lover who is the most handsome Dutchman, many will come up with names like als Jan Kooijman (Blige), Ari Boomsma (ugly natnet) or Michel Huisman (from?). No, in the UK. There they know what male beauty is.

From the annual survey of Unlawful encountersthat “Dating site for married couples”, turns up The people there are 64-year-old broadcaster and general boss Jeremy Clarkson The most attractive man From the country. This is for the second year in a row. Before that, the former Top Gear presenter and current Grand Tour presenter defeated Idris Elba, Tom Holland and others. If you ask us; Completely justified.

In the UK they still value a real man. People who don’t need men’s circles or exclusive gyms and don’t even know what ‘Stand in your strength‘ It includes. Jeremy taught us the doctrine of “speed and power” which may not only apply to his driving skills. Jeremy became a farmer in the fall of his life and brewed beer. Jeremy has a beer belly you’re going to hate, but that only keeps us here. When Jeremy encounters inappropriate behavior in the workplace, he just punches someone in the mouth.

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