It looks good before it hits the market, but the market is really waiting for the trigger

Het ziet er aardig uit voorbeurs, maar markt wacht echt op trigger

The AEX is +0.2% after a positive and somewhat lackluster day on Wall Street.

Perhaps the stock market is still waiting for the trigger of the real trend. It could be the next earnings season. Technology, particularly Chinese tech and chip companies, is doing well in today’s Alibaba news and yesterday’s TSMC sales. It is also remarkable that EUR/USD has crossed 1.10 again and interest rates are doing nothing.

  • European futures open between +0.1% and +0.5%
  • The United States rose 0.2%.
  • In Asia, China and Japan rose slightly, but Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan came in around +1.5%. The plungers are in good shape after yesterday’s TSMC aftermarket numbers. The SOX finished up 2.1% in New York. Hong Kong benefits from the message that Alibaba’s Ant Group has been fined waivermore below.

Alibaba + 2.1%
Tencent +1.8%
TSMC +2.1%
Samsung + 2.5%
SK Hynix +1.8%

  • Volatility (CBOE VIX Index) is +1.6% at 15.1 and BofA MOVE Index (Bond) is +1.0% at 131.7
  • The dollar took a hit and is now down 0.1% to 1.1016
  • Gold rose 0.2%, Oil rose 0.4%, and the cryptocurrency dropped a few tenths. Bitcoin is now trading at $30,448.85

Interest rates still hold their cards in the face of the fund.

And confirming our initial estimate of 5.7% yoy, our inflation rate remains very high.

The Germans have also succeeded, and this time I don’t think anyone would object that we are second behind them again. Tomorrow the Americans will be there with their bloat not doing first estimates.

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You can read both Sunday (here) and yesterday (here) here on IEX’s previews of the earnings season with hard data. Like this picture for example, the main point is that the US is much more expensive than the rest, especially the UK, Germany and Hong Kong.

In between, the valuation gap with Wall Street isn’t too bad for AEX. This seems very natural.

So much for hard data. Today Bloomberg is putting out a poor poll and it’s not very positive. And according to positive books, so what?


Finally, fingers crossed for German Business Confidence, which is already the first number for July.

News, tips and short agenda

Top ABM Financial news since yesterday’s Amsterdam close.

  • 08:10 Unemployment rate rises in the UK
  • 08:06 German inflation has actually gone up
  • 08:03 “ASML is hiring fewer people”
  • 07:58 AEX is expected to start slightly higher
  • 06:54 European stock markets are expected to open mixed
  • 06:50 Dutch inflation is falling
  • 06:43 Stock Exchange Agenda: Macroeconomics
  • 06:42 Stock exchange agenda: foreign funds
  • 06:41 Exhibition agenda: Dutch companies
  • Stock Market Update July 10: AEX is on Wall Street
  • July 10, Wall Street closed higher
  • July 10, US consumer credit rose less sharply
  • July 10, the price of oil closed lower
  • July 10 Wall Street heads for a higher close
  • July 10 European stock markets close higher

AFM reports this Shorts with again…

… Well, and it seems that the lower the price, the more shorts are attracted.

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Brother in arms Just eat the takeaway, but here’s the picture more sideways. We can not say about the daily price movements.

schedule of work:

09:00 Lucas Pauls – Ex Earnings

06:30 Inflation – Jun (NL)
08:00 Inflation – June Final (Germany)
08:00 Unemployment Rate – May (UK)
11:00 ZEW Economic Sentiment – July (Germany)

Then this

Well, you have to come up with something to indicate the prices. The S&P 500 gained +0.2% and the Nasdaq 100 only +0.1%.


Margin Never Increased Price Cuts:

The market shares of Binance and Coinbase are dropping sharply.

This is big and not without risks in that area:

Artificial intelligence and privacy…and will likely remain unstable for a long time to come.

Investing in ESG and actual ESG, here too things will remain unstable for a long time to come. A Bloomberg scoop, how Saudi Aramco screwed up the ESG indices and all of Wall Street… Oh, you already know that. Money doesn’t stink, then.

At Berkshire Hathaway, the shareholders meeting always votes on green proposals:

Enjoy and good luck today.

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