It is possible that EU accession talks with Ukraine will begin after Hungary’s turn

There is no doubt that Ukrainian President Zelensky will be happy with this news

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Ukraine can officially begin the long road to joining the European Union on June 25. According to EU President Belgium, negotiations could begin with Moldova as well.

Hungary has long resisted accession negotiations, but has now stopped fighting. In December last year, the European Union member states decided that negotiations could begin with the two nominated members, provided that the two countries met all conditions.

For example, both countries had to take measures against corruption, and Ukraine had to limit the power of the oligarchs. A week ago, the European Commission in Brussels ruled that the two countries were ready.

It has been a long time since the EU has added other countries, and Croatia was the last country to join the bloc in 2013. This was preceded by six years of negotiations.

As happened then, it may take years before Ukraine and Moldova become effective members of the European Union. This process can sometimes take up to ten years. Before countries actually join, there are dozens of intermediate steps that require new approval from all member states.

The Netherlands also supports the new move, but the Council of Ministers still wants to submit it to the House of Representatives.

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