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IKEA submitted two test reports to the Federal Communications Commission this month for sensors that can be added to a smart home network. It’s about Parasol, a sensor to “measure” whether a window or door is open or closed. The horn is a motion sensor.

Parasol sensor, via FCC

The Parasol will be a two-piece sensor array; The Base Station connects over WiFi and detects if the second box is still online Zatz is not funny! Based on test report. A smart home sensor can be used to see if a window, door, mailbox, or garage door is open or closed, for example. The base station, which is likely to be mounted to a window frame or door frame, is powered by three AAA batteries. The second box requires one AAA battery. The set will have an IP44 rating; Therefore, the product must be splash resistant.

The Vallhorn is a motion sensor that can communicate via a WiFi connection to a central hub, possibly a Dirigera. Although the source also talks about Zigbee support. It is based on it a report It is not clear how much this product may differ from the current product Trådfri motion sensor Which can be linked to lights within the same chain.

At the moment it is not clear if and when IKEA wants to market the products in question and whether they will also be introduced in Benelux.

Updated at 8:45 p.m: In the original article wrongly suggested that these patent applications. this is not true; The FCC has tentatively approved the communication technologies based on test reports. The article emphasized this. Thanks thomas990.

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