iFixit: ASUS ROG Ally battery, SSD and thumbsticks are easy to replace Gaming News

iFixit posted a teardown video of the ASUS ROG Ally. It is said that the laptop from ASUS is relatively easy to repair. iFixit praises the modular design and thinks it’s relatively easy to replace the battery, thumb sticks, fans, and SSD.

in ripping An iFixit employee demonstrates how to remove the back panel of the ASUS ROG Ally with six screws. The 40-Wh battery is held in place with screws, not glue strips, as is the case with the Steam Deck. The M.2 2230 SSD can also be easily removed and replaced.

The thumb units contain the thumb stick itself, vibration motors, various connections, and the associated PCB. It is a modular design and the thumbsticks should be easy to replace. ROG Ally has two fans and a heatsink. The fans can be replaced individually, but it is also possible to remove the entire cooling system. The speakers and fingerprint scanner can also be removed and replaced, just like the RGB rings placed around the thumbsticks.

The screen is the only part of the ROG Ally that iFixit would have preferred otherwise. The panel is held in place with glue and is difficult to remove. iFixit also notes that ROG Ally parts are not available at this time. Users who want to carry out repairs must either search for parts from third-party manufacturers or search for parts from other mobile devices.

ASUS ROG Ally released on June 13th. The device has an AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme chip on board. A cheaper variant with the “regular” Ryzen Z1 chip would follow later, which has fewer CPU cores and a GPU with fewer compute units. The Z1 Extreme CPU has eight Zen 4 cores, sixteen threads, and a boost clock of up to 5.1GHz. The integrated GPU is based on the RDNA 3 architecture and contains twelve compute units for a total of 768 stream processors. The chip has a total of 24MB cache and variable TDP from 9 to 30W. The non-extreme version of the Ryzen Z1 has six cores and a GPU with four computational units. ROG Ally Extreme costs 799 euros. It is not yet known how much the cheaper alternative will cost.

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