‘I was sitting among eleven men, feeling very embarrassed’

'I was sitting among eleven men, feeling very embarrassed'

Every month, the mother talks about the moment of motherhood when things went completely wrong.

Han, 29, lives with Jasper, 31, and is the mom of Anne Fleur (11 months).

“In the middle of maternity leave I had to go back to work for an important meeting. Our new CEO will be introduced during lunch at a fancy beach bar.

I wasn’t really looking forward to it, I’ve been sitting on my pink cloud in the baby bubble for so long. But my boss thought I should be there and make it interesting, under the guise of “You have to have lunch.” You can guess that this is a man, just like most of my peers.

But oh well, I can take a two hour break. My friend stayed with the baby and I had already pumped in the morning, so Anne Fleur could be fed when she was hungry. For the occasion, I was all dressed up in a white pantsuit, with a pink blouse and heels. Something different from your everyday jogging suit. I felt like a woman again.

submerged by itself

The meeting started with great success. The food was delicious, and the show was fun. So far everything has gone well. But in the end, when we ordered dessert, a woman walked into the beach bar with a baby. The moment her baby started screaming, I felt something crazy in my body. Encouraged apparently by crying, my breasts began to express milk on their own. My bra was wet in no time.

“My chest was wet in the blink of an eye.”

I had put the compresses on my breasts just in case, but that didn’t stop the waves. I felt very relieved. I sat there among eleven men, with two large wet spots in my shirt. I would have preferred to get up immediately, but I had to wait for the brownie and mint tea. I made a joke of it and uncharacteristically hid my drenched surprise behind a large linen handkerchief.”

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