“I think she’s a spontaneous girl.”

"I think she's a spontaneous girl."

Johan Dirksen pays tribute to sports presenter Helen Hendricks, whose program De Oranjezomer replaces the former footballer’s program Today Inside. According to Dirksen, Hendrix makes a strong impression on television, and according to De Senor, he has one big advantage over the Today Inside guys.

“She’s in great shape,” Derksen – who enjoys watching De Oranjezomer – begins in a conversation with Shownieuws. “I think she’s a spontaneous girl. She’s also fun, and she has a goodwill factor. We don’t have that, but she has a goodwill factor,” Derksen tells the host who is temporarily replacing his “Today Inside” show.

It won’t be long until Derksen takes over the honor from Hendricks again. On June 14, regular trio Onderwijs Inside will start with the new program Today Inside Oranje, which will be broadcast on television for exactly one month. Then Rene van der Gipp disappears. Wilfred Jenny and Derksen were absent from television again for a while, and then Hendricks would return with her own talk show.

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