Huge support for actress Lili Reinhart after calling for ‘natural’ arms: ‘So refreshing to be honest’ | Displays

Huge support for actress Lili Reinhart after calling for 'natural' arms: 'So refreshing to be honest' |  Displays

Actress Lili Reinhart (27 years old), famous for the hit Netflix series Riverdale, strikes a chord with many with a frank appeal to the media. According to her, they show too few “average-sized” arms, which means she always feels like her arms are too fat. Her experience is real, as evidenced by the hundreds of responses on the X messaging platform.

“I would like to see more poor, average people represented in mainstream women’s media,” Reinhart wrote to her 3.2 million followers. It’s not clear exactly what media you mean, but this could include movies, series, and magazines.

American actress who played the role of a stripper in the film alongside Jennifer Lopez Hustlers,struggles with Body deformity. This is a psychological disorder in which you are obsessed with your appearance and do not consider yourself beautiful enough. Reinhart has had this feeling a lot lately: “Because I feel like my arms should be half as full as they are right now.”

The community has raised its thin arms to the ideal, according to Reinhart. “While most people can only achieve this when they are adults. I really wonder how everyone survives or goes through this life without a serious life.” Body deformity. Maybe it’s worse for me because I have OCD too, but damn. The amount of time I’ve wasted thinking about my arms over the past few months is crazy.

The feelings seem very recognizable

Reinhart shares her candid account in hopes of supporting other women. “They are not alone,” the actress wrote. Her first post on It seems that many women recognize this feeling and are grateful that the star is speaking out. “I thought I was the only one, that’s so good to hear,” one of several comments read.

Lili Reinhart last June. © Stella Pictures/Abaca

Many women share their experiences, such as that they do not dare to wear short sleeves or that they find their arms ugly in photos. “I needed this,” one person wrote. Many people also support Reinhardt and each other. “I think you’re beautiful without a doubt, but it’s so refreshing and affirming to see someone talking about this so openly.”

The film industry is ‘obsessed’

Reinhart often gave a glimpse of her mind to support other women. “It’s a challenge to look at your body with love rather than criticism,” she wrote, for example. “It’s something I’m still learning.”

She said that the film and TV industry is “obsessed” with women’s bodies and weight. “I didn’t expect this to impact how accepting and positive I was about my body, but it did. I wish I hadn’t grown up in a time where only one-size women were celebrated.”

The actress especially wants to continue talking about this topic, so that people can show love, understanding and compassion to each other. “I know that my body deserves the same amount of love and appreciation, no matter its size.”

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