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A very capitalist country.

It is enough that our little finger knows nothing about China. China is as capitalist as the United States (and often much worse). It is funny that Europe is more socialist than the countries that claim to be socialist.

Yes, there are social elements such as that you get the flight and oil if you have a New Year’s agricultural situation, etc., and part of the medical costs are paid. But like in the US, you get bills that will make you swoon. So much so that many people would rather die than put their children into debt.

And when we’re talking about capitalism,…the indebted family (the guy gambled 100k, you idiot! Well, the whole family is in dire straits). The bank seized an expensive apartment. Ok… sell and then pay off the debt? But the bank won’t sell that (and the “former” owners can’t sell), and the bank is still demanding interest. It is also known that the gap keeps increasing but you cannot sell the property. A beautiful system, crazy with words and very capitalist. .

But wait, debt? Well, you’ve been blacklisted and can’t even take a train or plane. Governmental job? no! A job that is indirectly related to the government. no!

But hey, the typical “3 generations are being punished” (if you know China, you know what that means),… Their son works in the bank, and there they find out that his father is in debt and is on the “heavy list”… His job… Well, technically a government job because banks = government Debts of parents are debts of children, literally Now we wait to see if he gets kicked out of the house or not!

Now that’s extreme capitalism… If you want to make a statement like that, you need to know what you’re talking about.

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