HMD launches Nokia Clarity Earbuds 2+ at a price of 80 euros – Image and Sound – News

HMD is launching the Clarity Earbuds 2+ under the Nokia brand for €80. The earbuds support active noise cancellation, and according to the Finnish manufacturer, the battery life is seven hours, with an additional 35 hours with the charging case.

the Nokia Clarity 2+ headphones Ten euros cheaper than the previously released Clarity Earbuds 2 Pro, but very similar in terms of specifications. For example, battery life with the charging case is about 35 hours, according to HMD. With the 2+, this is also the case when Active Noise Control is enabled; The battery in the charging case is 500 mAh instead of 380 mAh. Moreover, the updated version supports Bluetooth 5.2, while the 2 Pro supports Bluetooth 5.3. Both models have an IPX4 rating, which means the earbuds are splash-resistant.

New is the option to charge the charging case wirelessly. The case can also still be charged via the USB-C port. The company did not clarify how much power the case can be charged and how quickly the earphones should be charged. The Noika Clarity Earbuds 2+ are available in pink, purple, and grey. The other earbuds in the series are only available in black.

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