Heat warnings for 134 million Americans

American man watches fire brigade extinguish a fire

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Extreme heat warnings are in effect for much of the United States. Nearly the entire southern half of the United States is 35 degrees or warmer, with highs exceeding 40 degrees.

The National Weather Service has warned of an “extremely dangerous, record-breaking heat wave.” An estimated 134 million Americans are currently under a heat warning. That’s 40 percent of the population, which is 335 million people.

Meteorologists expect the heat to become more intense. After the weekend, temperatures could rise to 47 or 48 degrees. The intense heat looks set to continue for at least another week and spread to the northwest, especially in the western part of the country.

More dangerous and more dangerous

Because the heat is lasting so long and the nights offer little relief, the National Weather Service is calling the situation extremely dangerous. In the Southeast, humidity is also high, making it harder to lose body heat. While the temperatures themselves are unlikely to break records, one climate scientist told The Associated Press that this heat wave will in many cases be more intense and dangerous than ever before.

A major wildfire is now burning in Northern California, fueled by heat and wind. About 28,000 people have been evacuated or are expected to be. Wildfires are not uncommon in California. People are even talking about one com.fireseasonWhich lasts until October. But with the soil already dry and a lot of vegetation burned, fires will spread more easily in the near future.

“Don’t be a fool”

Moreover, it is today July 4a national holiday in the United States that is always accompanied by fireworks displays. These have been canceled in several places due to the risk of fire. The fire department warns people who have purchased fireworks themselves: “Don’t be stupidThe National Weather Service fears that people will forget to drink enough water and drink too much alcohol in the holiday spirit.

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