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Dave, known for his participation in the first season of “B&B Vol Liefde”, has not been idle since his adventure in Spain. He recently pushed his limits by participating in a bodybuilding competition. That’s why he pushed his body to its limits.

“Sometimes you have to do something in your life that you know will be really hard, but that you will be really proud of.”

Dave competed in the first season of B&B full of love. He visits Denise, who runs a bed and breakfast in the sunny Spanish village of Orgiva. Although sparks seemed to slowly ignite, their encounter ended in high drama due to a misunderstanding. Dave told her he didn’t feel romantically attached, which completely surprised Denise. I felt betrayed and saying goodbye was very awkward.

Dave is now working hard as a “sustainable fat loss coach” and has taken on the challenge himself. Dave shares his transformation on Instagram. “Sometimes you have to do something in your life that you know will be incredibly hard, but that you will be incredibly proud of,” he writes. With determination, Dave embarked on his journey to bodybuilding competitions, reducing his body fat percentage from over 13% to just 3% in just 16 weeks. This success did not come without sacrifice. Dave talks about his strict regime of daily cardio on an empty stomach and intense strength training on a low-calorie diet of 1,200 calories a day.

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“I’m the type of person who is completely committed to whatever it takes to achieve my goals,” Dave explains. His determination and commitment paid off when he stood on stage. Although he didn’t like it, embarrassed“To stand on stage in the abstracts, he is proud of his accomplishment and happy that he took on the challenge himself.

Dave emphasizes that his experience as a bodybuilder is a one-time experience. He encourages his followers to find a balanced lifestyle that will keep them fit and happy all year round. According to him, there are two types of goals. “A specific goal is always temporary, like a competition or a photo shoot,” he explains. He also talks about the goal of adjusting your lifestyle. “This is your fit and great body most of the year.”

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