Guus Meeuwis no longer understands why he left Groots

De zeventiende editie van Groots (foto: ANP).

Guus Meeuwis is thoroughly enjoying his latest concert series “Grand with a soft G” at the Philips Stadium in Eindhoven. “Every time I think: It will never be more fun, you completely overwhelm me,” the Tilburg singer told his fans on social media. “I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even understand why you stop having such an endless party.”

“The concert on Thursday evening also had a sparkling golden edge!” says Mewis.

A dream come true
Guus saw his dream come true in 2006 with his first Groots concert. The concert series, which began seventeen years ago, has developed into a true phenomenon over the years. The concerts held at Philips Arena attract tens of thousands of people to Eindhoven every year.

“Groots” was also a hit outside the county. In 2009 there were concerts at the Abbé Leenstra Stadium in Heerenveen, in 2013 there was a Groots concert in Curaçao and in 2016 and 2017 Guus gave winter concerts at the Ziggo Dome.

New challenge
At the end of March last year, Meeuwis suddenly announced that this year’s “Grands with a soft G” concert series would be his last. “I feel ready for a new challenge,” the singer explained on the TV show Khaled and Sophie.

But like his fans, he’s thoroughly enjoying his final concerts at Phillips Stadium. “I have reached the point where I no longer understand why you stop such an endless party,” he said on social media. “Luckily we can be great together five more times!”

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